I was disqualified as MP because of PM Modi was scared of my next speech: Rahul Gandhi

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New Delhi: I was disqualified as MP because of the Prime Minister Modi is scared of my next speech, said AICC former Chief Rahul Gandhi. In his address to the media at the AICC Headquarters in New Delhi on Saturday he said that he will continue to raise questions on the relationship between the Modi Government and business tycoon Adani.

After disqualifying as MP for the first time he said that his conviction and subsequent disqualification is a distraction strategy by the Government from critical issues. He said he has seen fear in the eyes of Modi and he is terrified of the next speech and they don’t want that to come in Parliament. That’s why this distraction the disqualification, he said.

The trouble started after he raised specific questions on the relationship between PM Modi and the Adani group, which was accused of stock manipulation by New York-based Hindenburg, he added. Rahul also said that Rs 20,000 crore came into the shell companies owned by Adani. Adani could not have generated this money. He is in the infrastructure business.  Where did this money come from and whose money is it? There is a Chinese national involved in this. Why is not anyone questioning that? he said.

No threats or prison sentence can dissuade him from pursuing his tapasya, he asserted. This is the drama orchestrated to defend the PM from the question of whose Rs 20,000 crores went to Adani’s shell company. I am here defending the democratic voice of the Indian people and will continue to do that. I am not scared of threats, disqualifications or prison sentences. These people don’t understand me yet, he added.

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