Srisailam Dam’s 10 Crust Gates Open: Water Release to Nagarjuna Sagar

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Hyderabad: Srisailam project authorities lifted 10 crust gates on Thursday and released 3.40 lakh cu. water to the down flow towards Nagarjuna Sagar project.

Due to the heavy floods from Krishna and Tunga Badra rivers, the irrigation authorities releasing Krishna River water 3.0 lakh cu. from Jurala project and 1.0 lakh cu. from Tunga Badra dam. The total Srisailam project capacity is 217 TMCs and now the storage is 180 TMCs.

The water falling from the Srisailam Dam is very thrilling to the spectators and the tourists who are at the project site viewing the scenes. The tourists expressing very happy on seeing the water falling scene from the dam.

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