KCR urges people to root out Modi’s Government at Centre

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Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao called up on people on Wednesday across the country to root out Modi’s BJP Government. He registered his strong protest against the Central Government’s decision to increase the fertilizers prices.

He alleged that the BJP Government was weakening the rural economy and playing havoc with the farm sector. KCR said that increase in the prices of fertilizers will put the agriculture sector into a crisis and break the backbone of farming in the country.

KCR expressed anguish that the BJP Government at the Centre removed subsidies on fertilizers, which were in vogue for several decades, and the situation came to such a pass that the farmers had no option but to take up their ploughs and revolt against the Central Government.

He expressed his anger that the Central Government which made tall promises that it would double the farmers’ income by 2022 has now increased the prices of fertilizers at an all time high to break the farming community’s back.

CM KCR said there was a deep rooted conspiracy behind the BJP Government’s policies and actions to make the lives of farmers miserable. Decisions like installing metres to motors to collect the power charges, not linking NREGP with the farm sector, increasing the fertilizers prices to all time high, not purchasing the paddy cultivated by the farmers, all these draconian decisions of the BJP Government at the Centre have made farmers’ life miserable.

He said everyone should oppose the actions that would make a farmer a labourer in his own land. He also urged the farmers in the state to expose the BJP’s conspiracy and join the struggle to make the Centre withdraw the fertilizer price hike.

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