YSRCP supporters won 2319 Gram Panchayats out of 3249 in first phase of AP Gram Panchayat elections

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Vijayawada: The first phase of AP Panchayat polls held on Tuesday, nearly 3249 Gram Panchayats in 12 districts except Vijayanagaram district. The first phase of non-party based Gram Panchayats elections, the supporters of YSRCP won 82% of Panchayats.

In first phase of Panchayat elections 527 Gram Panchayat Sarpanches elected unanimously. The APSEC conducted polls for 3249 Gram Panchayats on Tuesday, YSRCP supporters won 2319 Gram Panchayats, TDP 441 and others 87 Gram Panchayats. In the first phase of Gram Panchayat elections the polls also conducted for 20, 157 Ward members. The Deputy Sarpanches of Gram Panchayats elected after the declaration of Sarpanches.

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