Telangana people don’t want the corruption Government in the State: Modi

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Mahabubnagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that Telangana people don’t want the corruption Government in the State. Speaking at the Palamuru Praja Garjana public meeting on Sunday and  he criticized that BRS Government making black money out of schemes i.e., for the farmers’ schemes, and perpetrating corruption in the irrigation projects.

Irrigation projects inaugurated in Telangana by the BRS Government but water was not delivered to the farmers, he criticized. He was referring to the wet-run of the Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme (PRLIS) done by Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao on September 16th.

Telangana people want an honest Government which doesn’t give false assurances, but one which implements those promises on the ground, said Modi.

The progress of Telangana has been stalled by two parties i.e., BRS and AIMIM, whose identity is corruption and commission, running their parties with the formula of party of the family, by the family and to the family, he said.

Modi said that the two parties were made private limited companies, with the family members of the ruling family being the president, CEO, director, treasurer, general manager, shift manager and the manager, using outsiders only as the support staff.

Modi asserted that the women, youth and farmers trust the guarantees given by him, and that he has been delivering them.

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