BRS party leaders were treating Telangana State as their Jagir: Priyanka Gandhi

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Hyderabad: BRS party leaders were treating Telangana State as their Jagir, accused AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Priyanka in a public meeting at Saroornagar Stadium on Monday said that the BRS leaders are acting like Jagirdars (feudal landlords), while the people of the State consider the land as sacred as their mother.

She released a Youth Declaration at the Saroornagar Stadium here. She alleged that the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao forgotten his commitments that Neellu, Nidhulu and Niyamakalu (water, funds, and employment) at the time of Telangana movement, became prerogatives of those in power and their family and friends.

She appealed to the youth and people of Telangana to be vigilant and aware of the tactics employed by the political parties in the State.  She also said that the Telangana State and country are yours, which was formed on the basis of sacrifices. When you select a Government, it is your responsibility to think hard as to what this Government has done for you and whether the conditions have improved or worsened. If you don’t do it, nothing will happen to leaders but you and your children are going to suffer, she added.

The Congress after coming to power in the State will implement the Youth Declaration in toto. If it does not at the end of five years, throw the government out, she thundered.


                 Priyanka released the TPCC Youth declaration at Saroornagar Stadium by promising the youth Rs. 4K unemployment allowance will provide every month. The declarations promises are i.e., to provide 2 lakh jobs in State Government within a year of coming to power, to set up a Youth Commission which will provide interest-free loans up to Rs 10 lakh for education and livelihood opportunities, to provide 75% local reservations in private firms, to revamp TSPSC in order to bring transparency and accountability, to set up a special cell to enhance employment opportunities in Gulf countries.

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