Hospital MD Narmatha and Six Persons Arrested In Vishakhapatnam: R K Meena

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Vishakhapatnam: Police arrested a hospital MD Narmatha and a  gang of six persons, who involved in “infant trafficking” in Vishakhapatnam said Commissioner of Police R K Meena. Speaking to the media persons R K Meena said that Universal Srusti Hospital is the key center for “infant trafficking”

Universal Srusti Hospital MD Narmatha is a key person in illegal “infant trafficking”. She did with the help of two Asha workers Venkata Lakshmi and Annapurna and a doctor Tirumala. The gang first identified the poor pregnant woman who joined the hospital, who are unable to feed the new born children.

The MD Narmatha entered a oral contract to buy the newly born “infant” and she gave advance. After delivery of the woman the hospital MD handover the baby and sold to another person who are in need for babies. The police arrested the MD Narmatha, Universal Srusti Hospital at ZP Chourasta center, two Asha wokers Venkata Lakshmi and Annapurna and Doctor Tirumala and two others, said CP.

The hospital MD Narmatha also booked in the past in the same allegations and they change the name and running the hospital in the name of Universal Srusti Hospital. Prior this hospital is called Srusti Hospital said CP R K Meena. Police investigation is going on.

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