Kajal Aggarwal’s Film Dark Tales is a Tasteless

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Mumbai: Dark Tales, the TV show revolves around a team, led by Jenifer Matthew (Kajal Aggarwal), which invites men and women who have experienced paranormal events. But Matthew invariably twists the climax in every tale to make it scarier and tragic! In a world that is fighting irrationality.

However, when in another episode she gets her cast to enact a scene of a woman being raped by a ghost, there is a huge hue and cry. The promoters of the programme pull the plug leaving Matthew bitterly lamenting that Indian audiences have “no taste to enjoy something which is of international quality”.

Live Telecast, contrary to Matthew’s contention, is miles and miles away from “international quality”. Recent web series like The Undoing and Lupin among several others are those which make the grade. Not Live Telecast. The writing is careless, the characters have not been etched out, and Kajal is awfully disappointing, walking in and out of her scenes in tearing hurry.

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