Kanaka Durga Flyover: Drone Ariel View

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Vijayawada: The Kanaka Durga Flyover is a spanning the Krishna River and Prakasham Barrage in Vijayawada in Krishna Dist in AP. It is the longest flyover in Andhra Pradesh with a length of 2.3 kilometers.

The Kanaka Durga Flyover is built around Indrakiladri Hill. The famous Durga Mallikarjuna Swamy temple is located on the hill. It is called as a Durga Temple.

The flyover spans from Bhavanipuram near Gollapudi to PNBS. The projects have a total length of 5.9 kilometers. Apart from this 2.3 kilometers are for flyover, and the remaining 2.9 kilometers are road widening works. This flyover crosses Krishna River, Prakasham Barrage and Buckingham Canal near Indrakeeladri Hill and meets NH65 near PNBS. The road widening works are done upto Kanaka Durga Varadhi.

The AP Govt was proposed a flyover to control traffic flow in Vijayawada and around cities. This flyover is on the existing 15-20 foot highway around Durga Temple. The construction of the Kanaka Durga flyover was started on 22 November 2015 and the road level bridge was completed by 2016 for Krishna Pushkaralu. The construction of flyover is very difficult to construct due to its plan and on the River Krishna. The land acquisition for this project cost is around Rs. 100 crores for the shifting of utilities like Drinking Water, Pipelines along the road.

Later the deadline was extended previously in August 2017, March 2018 and August 2018. Later, the present government extended to March 2020 and completed the construction. Now this flyover is ready to inaugurate.

The Kanaka Durga Flyover project is a six-lane highway with a width of 23.7 metres. It is the third of its kind in India by using pre-stress technology. The project estimated Cost is 282.4 crores, the cost raised upto 440 crores. It has a unique and complex design with a six-lane corridor supported by a single pillar. There are two underpasses in the flyover master plan. Vertical gardening has been done on the column of this flyover along with a park for F1H20.

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